Expert Author Katheryn Hoban
Before you launch your business take some time to fantasize all the aspects of its inception to completion. Visualize the ideal of everything that you would like to achieve.
In that ideal vision see how each processes improve, how your customers are interacting easily with your business, how you are ideally finding your customers, what amount of income are you achieving per month, what details do you anticipate having in place, how are you able to manage all the details, what skills, tools or equipment do you need to manage it well, how many customers or clients are coming in per month?
What would you happen if you had a substantial growth occur, could you manage, what would you do? What processes would need to be in place? What staff or team members would have to be in place to handle the overflow? Even if this is way in the distant. Put together a list of those ideal details. Your fantasy exploration should cover as much areas of your overall business and vision as possible.
This is the direction in which most likely you would want to take your business if it were to be prosperous and the basis for how you begin to build. If you anticipate substantial growth upfront you will not be caught off guard when your break starts to occur. You have a road map of what needs to happen, some of the things that you need to do, and what you have to do to handle substantial growth. You can anticipate what you would need in place to counter a falling off of business or a downturn.
If your growth and expansion was magnified five, ten or twenty times, you have to be able to fulfill your orders and make your deliveries if that should occur. What do you have to do daily, weekly monthly and then year after year to achieve the picture for your business?
Always remember your quality of life. You don't want to work one hundred hours per week, never take a vacation, and never see your family. The other element is to build in passive income, so that should you become unable to work, or if you wish to take a break, or vacation your income is not affected. All this becomes part of your projection and vision. Focus your time, attention, and energy and resources to your bigger picture.


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