Expert Author Katheryn Hoban
Many people think I'm going to make a million dollars with this thing!! That may be an attainable goal for you but it's not going to happen in one moment. There are very few over night successes. Chances are those highly successful business men or women whom you have admired have been honing their craft and business for a long time.
When you are building your business it is necessary to work to achieve small visible goals one step at a time. Before you can make five dollar you have to make one dollar. Before you can make one thousand you have to make one hundred, and before you make ten thousand you have to make five thousand.
It's the same with most actions that help build your business. Before you can have a list of ten thousand strong you have to build from one. There are ways to build on-line web traffic but again you have to do it one step at a time. Yes, it is possible to create an empire very quickly but you still have to work through those goals.
If you set reasonable goals to achieve when you do attain them it creates a feeling of accomplishment that build your confidence, and you are ready for bigger challenges. In business there is certainly a learning curve to the operations and running of your successful business. Most times the clients needs propel you to strive towards another goal.
Having a do to list is very helpful to mark off each task on your list. You also need to write down your goals and mark them off when you achieve each one. Why? First of all you can look back at your own progress and see results that you achieved. You can determine if you are still on track, you can determine what more you wish to accomplish or if you need to change directions. Writing down your goals is a ways of being accountable. It's in black and white.
If you want a lasting business it's appropriate to have short term and long term goals written down. Some of your short term goals may be to earn five hundred dollars per week, build your website and build your e-mailing list to three hundred subscribers. Your long term goals may be to build your business up enough to earn five hundred thousand dollars in a year. That is a sizable goal.
To achieve goals you have to determine how you are going to reach them. If you are first starting out and your goal is to get five paying customers. You have to devise a plan of action to achieve the goal. So now you have a goal in mind and five or more steps on how to do that. I'm going to put up flyers in my gym, building the school etc. I'm going to offer a discount for the first 5 customers. I'm going to pay a referral fee to get those customers. I'm going to put a classified ad in our local paper. I'm going to leave my cards in the lawyer's office. If that doesn't work I'm going to continue my efforts and add more places to hang my flyers, distribute my business cards to more places, advertise on-line, I'm going to offer one free session and I'm going to call on the phone.
Now you have an achievable goal and a plan of action. So during that stage you may set small goals along the way. I'm going to make twenty five phone calls per day. I'm going to conduct at least one seminar per week to get my message out there until I develop the client base that I want.
Everything that you are doing successfully you can continue doing to secure ten clients, twenty five clients, and one hundred and so on. If you want to build your business faster you have to determine how to amp up your results. Do only those things that will put together customers at a rapid pace. For an example align with partners who can promote your business or services to their customer base or e-mail lists. Use multiple sources to generate income at an accelerated rate. Do cross promotions of each others services. Do massive campaigns that cover multiple media; TV, Radio, Cable, Internet, Direct mail, e-mail and put it all together.
Any way that you do it you have to see quantifiable results so that you can tweak your efforts, increase the momentum, and determine if it was worth the effort. Do enough action steps over and over and your goals achieved and your income will become huge!! You are on your way.


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